cash card

cash card
a credit card that entitles the holder to receive cash
Syn: ↑cashcard
Hypernyms: ↑credit card, ↑charge card, ↑charge plate, ↑plastic

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cash card noun
A coded plastic card issued by a bank that allows the holder to obtain money from a bank account via a cash dispenser
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Main Entry:cash

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cash card UK US noun [countable] [singular cash card plural cash cards]
a plastic card that you put into a cashpoint to get money from your bank account
Thesaurus: cash machines and using cash machineshyponym

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noun, pl ⋯ cards [count]
Brit : a card that is used to get money from an ATM : an ATM card — compare bank card

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ˈcash card [cash card cash cards] noun (BrE) (US ATˈM card)
a plastic card used to get money from a ↑cash machine (= a machine in or outside a bank)
See also:ATM card

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